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An inclusive community is a more creative and effective community. But how can you make sure you're accommodating the various personalities that call your community "home"?
This is an interesting post Laura. I really like your point about what sort of people and personalities make up different communities.

Learn to recognize your own preferences and understand how your brain works—but also remember that everyone’s neural networks work a bit differently. Then, as a leader, make sure you’re creating space for everyone by championing inclusivity, fairness, open-mindedness, and neurodiversity.

I wonder though what the exact purpose of such tests as the Myer-Briggs actually is? I feel the work Goldman etc is useful as a provocation, but what else?

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Because food. No, I’m serious. Why doesn’t the far right recognize that without cultural diversity they’d be eating…well even potatoes, corn and tomatoes are products of indigenous communities in South America. The Incas invented corn by cross breeding and altering plants. Back in the day. Incas are cool. I digress. What would the far right eat if they only ate white people food? Paleo doesn’t include tubers, does it?
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Just because all the people you interact with regularly are believers, doesn’t mean that we’ve managed to shift the status quo.
I find public speaking so interesting. I wonder if sometimes success comes down to confidence over what is actually being communicated? Personally, I get lost in being ‘correct’ or ‘right’ this leaves me feeling anxious at times. I loved your point about believers and the status quo. Personally, I wonder if I have read too much Deconstruction? Or maybe I just care too much? Really not sure.
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My computer did some crazy, and I had a moment today when I though my computer was dead forever. FYI I work in tech, I still suck at backups (like everyone), and a dead computer is … not cool. I literally signed up for two years of Backblaze five minutes ago.
Isn’t it kind of funny the assumptions we make about those in EdTech. It is funny living within the expectation of perfection when as Quinn Norton suggests:

All the grown-ups are making it up as they go along. I have also waggled my eyebrows suggestively while saying it, to make it clear to her that I mean me, too

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Apparently, no one can remember the word “zythepsary”, nor can they spell it. I’ve thought about setting up a new one, but really, I don’t want to go through the trouble. What do you think? Should I set up something @ since that’s my domain probably forever? Or should I keep Zythepsary forever too because there’s hilarious hidden old things on it like this.
I sometimes think that maybe if I wasn’t so arcane, didn’t have such a weird username or had better Google juice – I can’t believe how many Aaron Davis’ there are and they all seem so much more exciting than me – then maybe I too might have more subscribers etc Then I remember that first and foremost my newsletter is for me.
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We know that behaviors can be modified, as a social species we use all kinds of narratives and manipulations to modify behavior. The question is who is trying to modify them and to what purpose. Me debating with myself about machine learning.
I always thought that the best ‘thought experiment’ was and is fiction. Maybe Google should read The Circle. As I watched The Selfish Ledger I wondered how much it would cost to be removed from the grid?