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We’re off to Toronto, Canada for the next volume and a man behind various ambient-jazz excursions, Joseph Shabason. It was a certain release in particular that peeked our attention here at FA HQ, and that was the beautifully packaged, and beautifully composed, ‘Anne’, from 2018. An album that oozes emotion, and one that is dedicated to Joseph’s mother. In addition, Joseph is a regular session musician and also founded synth-pop outfit, DIANA, and has contributed to bands such as Destroyer and The War On Drugs, as well as collaborating with another one of our favourites, Gigi Mason. The mix he has submitted here is as experimental as the music he produces; an eclectic journey into the (mostly) unknown.

Listened Diana (band) from Wikipedia

DIANA is a Canadian synthpop band, consisting of Carmen Elle (vocals), Joseph Shabason (keyboards) and Kieran Adams (drums).[1] Their debut album Perpetual Surrender was a longlisted nominee for the 2014 Polaris Music Prize.[2][3] It was followed by their second album Familiar Touch in November 2016.

I have been digging further into the musical world of Joseph Shabason. This led to DIANA. I have been enjoying this dive into the synth-laden pop. What I like must is the subtly of sounds and textures presented.

Place between Methyl Ethel and Laura Jean.