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Just because Looplearn might be able to do something, it does not mean we should. As someone who works supports with admins on attendance I understand to a degree where they are coming from. However, this does not mean it is right. Sadly, not new. There was a report about Curtain University using facial recognition software in 2017.
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Until your mention Jon, I had never heard of The Midnight. Spent today immersing myself. Love it! Thank you for the recommendation.
Liked Flip the System Australia – Panel Presentation / Reflections of a Reluctant Writer by Jon Andrews (

Suggesting that there is a clear scientific or evidence-based approach that can overcome Australia’s vast geographic separations, considerable inequality and conflicting system stances on the purpose of education, is troubling. That is not to say that evidence cannot tell us useful things. Creating a sense of how we can move to overcome these burdens, achieve purposeful outcomes for students and create the conditions to support effective teacher working, requires consensus. The book notes a desire for coalition and networked knowledge sharing to achieve these things, but also solidarity with solidity, a commitment to overcome political and ideological motivations that hinder progress. Clarity and coherence sit at the core of this. When we are divided on key matters, it can create opportunities for constructive debate, but debate must lead somewhere.

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I have not read the full report, but can I just that the longer I spend in a central position the more I recognise the need for trivial efficiencies. I have come to realise pedagogy of any sort is built upon a foundation of triviality.