Bookmarked Video in situ by an author (John Stewart)
There are a few programs playing with instructional video in really interesting ways. At OU, we have moved away from back-of-the-class lecture capture, producing instead sets of short videos where the instructor explains the key concepts. We have built a light screen so instructors can write like the would on a white board while looking into the camera and talking to the students. I think this takes us passed the poor substitution standard and into augmentation.
John Stewart reflects on the way in which the La Blogothèque website / YouTube channel redefines the video experience, creating new and unique possibilities. He wonders if the same changes could be incorporated into the filming of educational videos for blended and online courses, in particular, the possibilities for capturing field work. I have written about the Take Away Shows before, discussing the possibility of redefining the whole pedagogical experience. The reference to capturing field work reminds me of an early Google Glass exercise capturing CERN.
Bookmarked Blogging at Scale with Google Sheets (bavatuesdays)
Jim Groom and Tim Owens speak with John Stewart about the use of Google Sheets as a kind of WordPress Multisite stand-in wherein Google manages scaling the infrastructure for you. Stewart has also unpacked the benefits of blogging via Sheets, as well as the code associated with the project. This continues his use of Sheets (see Collector) to create agile solutions.