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Read Write Collect is my main education hosepipe filter. Aaron reads and comments on a huge range of educational and web tech blogs wrapped in a tasty IndieWeb coating.

Thank you for the shout-out John. I am glad you find it all of use. I have found it a much more mindful and meaningful exercise than when I used to publish everything straight to Twitter.
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I wonder if we should spend some time explaining to pupils why we choose the tools we use, the affordances of said tools and the drawbacks. In the case of “free” tools why companies give them away. I don’t believe we think about these reasons in enough depth.

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@inoreader’s new plan will leave 90% of users unaffected. I am in the other 10% not sure I should to upgrade, it is quite a jump from current $14.99 to $49.99; slash my feeds, & lose RSS feeds; or take opportunity explore other RSS services.

I feel that I get enough worth out of Inoreader and am not yet ready to jump to a full IndieWeb Reader. I still prefer Inoreader to Feedly. Guess I will see.
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This seems like a cool potential way of doing all sorts of things in the IndieWeb space for WordPress. I’m curious what it looks like from other perspectives. I’ll have to think this through a bit…

In the end though, it still feels too much like individuals trying to solve problems that should be better handled by feed readers and the platforms.

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Week in <280 * @smokey’s list that made me do this * @kicks Mentions & I must looks at Meaningness * bradbarrish music to sleep by * @rnbn hell isn’t other people, it’s neoliberalism & autistic children who need us to support them * photos : 📷📷 📷 📷 📷 Like this:Like Loading...

I really like this idea John. I am going to have a think about how I could use this myself to then summarise for my newsletter.
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Hello Thought Shrapnel readers! Some of you have asked over the last few months why the ability to comment on posts is switched off here. Well, that’s mainly because I noticed a general downw…

I agree with John in the hope that the quality of replies from webmentions might be better. My concern with comments is that we are stuck in the past with what constitutes a ‘comment’. The only way to improve that is to write our own future one comment at a time.
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As part of my summer holiday fun with WordPress I though I might create a ‘proper’ RSS feed for my microcast.
There are quite a few podcast plugins that would do the job but I though it might be interesting to try a bit of DIY.
Back when I started a class podcast at Radio Sandaig I used to creat…

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That looks great. Going to have a look at that. Also Luikas’ work looks and sounds great. Definitely, going to buy the books too
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We have started refreshing the EDUtalk Site. Updating the theme and how the live audio plays. We have started updating the information pages too over the break. If you be interested in appearing on a show next session please get in touch. Also on: Like this:Like Loading…

John, for a second I thought you had gone all #IndieWeb and spun up David Shanske’s 2016 IndieWeb theme.
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Recently I’ve been thinking that grasshoppers are a lot less common than they were in my youth.

James Bridle explores the changes in the environment in New Dark Age. He discusses the melting of the caps and the ramifications this has on the rest of the world. What was of particular interest was the ramification for and of technology.
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The great thing about a syndication is that the content doesn’t go away if the syndication does. Any discussion can take place on the participating sites. All the hub does is make it easy to read and make connections. reminds me of this in many ways, although the participants are not grouped round a class or topic.

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Some rather belated thoughts on returning to classroom teaching.

This is an interesting reflection John. Going back into the classroom is something that I aspire to do one day, but I fear how much muscle memory I may have lost. My saving grace is that my wife is a teacher and she keeps me grounded … Or at least tries.
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This episode explores a favourite topic for both John and Mariana – blogging. It explores the current state of things.

Thank you John for the mention. The blogger who I think you were trying to remember is Bill Ferriter. He wrote an interesting post reflecting on the myth of audience.

I sometimes wonder if people like Dave Winer and Alan Levine are the real ‘Big B Bloggers’. This is not because they curate a platform for financial purposes, which they don’t, but because they each in their own ways take blogging to the extremes of what is possible. I consider their pursuit as both cognitive and technical. I think that and #IndieWeb communities capture this too. This is the Big B blogging that I am interested in.

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Marianna & John discussing the use of online generators. Easy to use software.

John and Mariana consider a number of questions, including:

  • Do these make us or our students lazy? (I could do this from scratch but I can’t be bothered)
  • Do we end up with generator-envy? ( I will never be able to produce something as good as it does)
  • Do they offer a way into digital literacy that might encourage novices to learn more sophisticated tool?
  • Should we be using generators in class, if they have the potential to discourage learning?
  • Is some friction in tool use better for learning than ease?