Bookmarked Coronavirus: can herd immunity really protect us? (The Conversation)

China is rapidly controlling the spread of COVID-19 without requiring herd immunity (only 0.0056% of its population has been infected). Waiting for herd immunity to COVID-19 to develop in the UK by letting the virus β€œpass through the community” is not a good public health strategy.

Jeremy Rossman explains herd immunity and what this would mean for United Kingdom.

Achieving herd immunity would require well over 47 million people to be infected in the UK. Current estimates are that COVID-19 has a 2.3% case-fatality rate and a 19% rate of severe disease. This means that achieving herd immunity to COVID-19 in the UK could result in the deaths of more a million people with a further eight million severe infections requiring critical care.

Although this was how the world managed to overcome the Spanish Flu, He questions if this is the best strategy. He argues that others have managed to curb the rate of infection without resorting to either draconian measures or extreme deaths.