Liked 'We wouldnสผt need to practise wellbeing if we experienced it everyday' by Jane Caro (The Sydney Morning Herald)
Even the things that appear to be therapeutic feel like cons to me. We wouldn't need to practise wellbeing if we actually experienced it in our everyday lives. We wouldn't need to practise mindfulness if we weren't so constantly overwhelmed by ever-increasing expectations. And getting up at 5am to fit in regular exercise is not agile (I don't care how limber you may be), it's just another symptom of a world out of whack. Bring back lolly-gagging, daydreaming and mooching around. Bring back the weekend. Legislate a 35-hour week. I bet we'd all be nicer, kinder and less aggro within days.
Liked Running against Tony Abbott in Warringah by Jane Caro (The Saturday Paper)
Iโ€™m not considering running for office because I have always dreamed of being an MP โ€“ although I donโ€™t deny it would be interesting. I am thinking about it because I see it as a civic duty. I was brought up by parents who had lived in Manchester and London through World War II. They were adolescents at the time and have vivid and disturbing memories of the Blitz and of the revelations about Nazi death camps in the immediate aftermath of the war. It affected them profoundly. They brought me up to believe that bad things happen when good people stand by and do nothing.
Listened TER #118 โ€“ Jane Caro on Education โ€“ 02 Sept 2018 from Teachers' Education Review
In this episode, Dan Haesler talks with author and public education advocate Jane Caro, about her life and career that led her to become such an outspoken defender of public schools, and some of her opinions on the state of education today.