Bookmarked #IStandWithDan vs #DictatorDan: how fringe accounts gamed Twitter during Melbourne’s lockdown by James Purtill (ABC News)

New research shows the #IStandWithDan and #DictatorDan warring Twitter hashtags were pushed by a small number of orchestrated and hyper-partisan accounts.

James Purtill reports on the influence of social media in regards to the messaging around Melbourne’s lockdown.

New research shows they were driven by a small number of fringe, hyper-partisan accounts — many of them anonymous “sockpuppet” accounts created specifically to support either side, but posting as an independent third party.

Although it is not clear if there was a central organisation behind the campaigns, but the ‘Dictator Dan’ message did align with the News Corp papers and Sky News.

On a side note, I think the War on 2020 team captured the absurdity of the ‘dictator’ movement in their skit:

Bookmarked How come Australia suddenly has billions of dollars to pay for welfare? (triple j)

“We’ve been told there’s no magic money tree,” one expert says. “Well there is and they’ve just used it.”

James Purtill discusses Modern Monetary Theory and how it provides the means to fund the current crisis:

Here’s that idea in more detail: MMT says inflation will only happen when aggregate demand (all the purchasing being done in the economy) outstrips the goods and services available for purchase (the supply). If there are a lot of dollars trying to purchase stuff, and not enough stuff to purchase, that stuff becomes more expensive.

So long as the economy keeps producing enough goods and services, the theory goes, it won’t have too much inflation.

For this reason, MMT advocates say, governments shouldn’t spend freely during periods of high employment, as the economy can’t increase production to meet the extra demand and would therefore be at risk of inflation.

This may spell the end of the neo-liberal ideal.

Bookmarked I’ve studied fires for 40 years and I keep coming back to the same solution (ABC News)

We need to put some serious thought into what future life will be like under climate change, and shifting the peak holiday season to the cooler months could be the place to start.

David Bowman suggests moving peak holiday period to March or April.

Scheduling the major Australian holiday at the same time as bushfire season also makes things extremely difficult for the enterprises that depend on the holiday trade. You need certainty to run a business and timing the major annual Australian holiday period with bushfire season strips certainty away from these business owners.

This is similar to the argument made by James Purtill in regards to summer music festivals

For Lost Paradise, it had recruited a private force of 12 professional fire-fighters along with vehicles and a 10,000 litre water tanker.

But this season’s fires have proved too ferocious to handle – organisers knew that however many precautions they took, if the Gospers Mountain mega-blaze happened to come their way, they would be powerless to halt it.

Although holidays and music may not be the same in autumn, these are some of the challenges that we will need to face in adapting to a new world.