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The cloud is a largely invisible, background presence in education, despite playing an increasingly significant role in many technical and institutional processes and practices. As recent relevant scholarship on the cloud has indicated, cloud computing arrangements are significantly affecting and reshaping a range of industries and sectors. The cloud represents an expansion of corporate big tech power into sectors like education, introducing new economic models, platform ecosystem arrangements, and AIOps capacities of automated governance.

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Last year, Amazon Web Services brought in more revenue than McDonaldโ€™s. The branch of the e-commerce company that deals in cloud-computing has long been seen as a financial life-preserver, but for a while it seemed to be plateauing. 2018โ€™s $25.7 billion figureโ€”up 47% from 2017โ€”has to be a relief, especially at a time when all the tech giants are looking for ways to put our data out into the blue.

This is a useful breakdown of what is meant by ‘the cloud’. This includes explaining what Amazon Web Services does, background to the technology and where the cloud is actually located. Another interesting read on the topic is James Bridle’s New Dark Age.