Replied to Ed Tech Boxes by Tom Woodward (

I want people with serious concerns about edtech but I want people who see potential. I want people who have goals and see technology playing a role in achieving those goals. I avoid people with easy answers and blinding confidence. Give me people who worry at night that theyโ€™re wrong. Give me people who help you navigate complexity but donโ€™t hide it. Give me people who can see when itโ€™s technology causing a problem and when technology is just providing evidence of larger societal issues. These things arenโ€™t angst to me but an accurate and honest view of a messed up world and an attempt to navigate a path to something better.

I really enjoyed this reflection Tom on finding balance, as well as keeping on keeping on. This is something that I tried to capture a few years ago in regards to ‘being informed’ in response the Cambridge Analytica revelations.

One thing that I was left thinking about after reading your piece was a recent interview with Kieran Hebden’s creative use of Spotify. Rather than catering for people who do not care or complaining about the way in which the service surfaces some tracks and not others, Hebdenโ€™s seems to ‘see the potential’ in using the swath of music available to create an evolving artefact for listeners to explore themselves.

It would seem that there is always a choice.