Bookmarked A History of the Influencer, from Shakespeare to Instagram (The New Yorker)

For centuries, influencers have been forcing us to admit an uncomfortable truth: we are neither entirely self-determining nor self-contained.

Laurence Scott dives into the past of influence and influencers. He compares the world of Instagram and Popes with the work of Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde. In the process he highlights the ambiguity associated with influence and the various agents and agendas attached to it. For a different perspective, Sophie Elmhirst looks at the industry built around social media influencers and the push for authentity, while Rosie Spinks believes that we are coming to the end of the self-made influencers and wonders if instead we will have a slacker revival.
Replied to Of giants and wisdom – Matthew Esterman – Medium by Matthew Esterman (Medium)

We all stand on the shoulders of giants. Whether they have titles or honours or positions of authority, or have no idea that they have any influence whatsoever. I’d like to think that all teachers are giants to someone, at some time, which is an incredibly powerful role and responsibility.

Congratulations on your award Matt. I really like your idea of thanking those little giants who help us on our way each and every day. Don’t feel we do it enough.
Replied to Identifying what we can control in our own lives (W. Ian O’Byrne)

When we have a problem, we know exactly what to work on. When we are stuck and have no idea where to start, we begin working on the obstacle in our path.

I find external influences an interesting topic. I am not sure how stoic I am though.

On a side note, I really enjoyed Kin Lane’s recent post on choosing to ‘seize the day’ and not be overrun by fear.

Each day I am able to seize the widest possible definition of my day that I can. Across multiple cities, states, or countries if I so choose. I do this without being shot. I do this without the financial system crumbling around me, or the government invading my home. I do this without any brown person hurting me or taking my job. I do this without dying of cancer received from being scanned at the airport. Why is it that I’m able to move around so freely? What makes it so that I can seize the day without a gun on my side, or within arms reach? It is because I’ve chosen to seize the day from the fears I’ve been programmed with in the past, and from the possible futures these fears can dream up. I’ve seized the day for me. Not for what might be. It is my day. I get to decide. I get to enjoy it to its fullest, without any concern for tomorrow.