Replied to Other Vaccines We Should Manufacture in 2021 (The New Yorker)

Yasin Osman and Irving Ruan humorously suggest a list of societal ills, like performative activism and hedge-funditis, for which we could really use a vaccine, stat!

Here was me thinking that maybe a vaccine for Dickhead-19 might resolve most of these issues?
Comedy and humour often serves as a safe space for addressing.

I thought using the Mr Men characters provided a lovely safe space to discuss their characteristics, traits and wellbeing. The characters were a proxy for some of the feelings they might have. You can imagine developing this further with other characters from other stories or films.

The problem is when this cuts too close to the bone, when the medium serves up a mirror too close to the truth. Such a safe space then becomes uncanny.

It recently occurred to me that I had somehow become unsubscribed to Laura Hilliger’s newsletter. Maybe I did it, not sure. Whatever the reason, I subscribed again. It has been great to have her voice coming back into my inbox again. Thinking about the many dots that extend my serendipity surface, I was left wondering what it is about Laura’s ‘moldy trash of a newsletter’ (her words, not mine) that means it is often the first one I open. Maybe it is the humour in her voice? Or the honesty and insight of her reflections? Maybe it is her ability to spark my thinking. This week, it was her discussion of ‘meditation rage’. Whatever it is, I am grateful. Maybe it takes a village to create learning space and such a space includes many voices.
Bookmarked This Is the Internet and This Is Why It Sucks: A Childrenโ€™s Book by Ethan Hauser (

Ethan Hauser writes humorous descriptions of different parts of the Internet, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and Google, and why they are terrible.

A humorous take on the web and what it has to offer.