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I taught blended learning courses for ten years at UC Berkeley and Stanford — three hour face-to-face meetings each week, with forum, blog, and wiki learning activities spread over the week between classroom sessions. I came to learn that, combined with a co-learner-centric pedagogy, the use of synchronous (videoconference) and asynchronous (forums, blogs, collaborative documents, collaborative highlighting) media between classroom meetings can amplify and vivify the traditional college course. For eight years, I also taught my own online courses at what I called “Rheingold U.” In March, 2020, when Covid-29 led to the sudden, massive, unplanned advent of online classes, I published some advice about teaching and learning online. Now, a year and a half later, after hearing so many less-than-encouraging reports of online failures, I have more to say about how to make the learning experience more engaging and fulfilling — with more successful learning outcomes. I have included some of my 2020 piece in this present essay — and expanded upon it.

In light of necessity to move to online learning, Howard Rheingold reflects upon his own experiences of online learning in higher education across the last two decades. He unpacks both the pedagogy he employed and the various tools he used to make this more doable, such as forums, blogs, video and social bookmarking. He also ends his piece with a useful list of other resources to dive into.
Listened #70 – Virtual Community with Howard Rheingold – Modern Learners from Modern Learners

Howard Rheingold brings a sense of perspective and history to the conversation around our current understanding of community

Howard Rheingold discusses the development of virtual communities over time. From The Well to DS106, Rheingold discusses the power of learners to lead their own learning within such spaces. This is something Clint Lalonde discusses in regards to untrackable learning in private spaces.
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I signed up for a course run by the one and only Howard Rheingold and am excited to start this week. I will be posting to the course site internal blogs but will share excerpts of my experience out here in the open as well.
Here is the work for the first week, the course kicks off with a video sessi…

Listened Ep. 76 Live From Gray Area Foundation for the Arts Pt.2: Howard Rheingold by Douglas Rushkoff from

This week we continue with part two of our special live recording of Team Human at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts in San Fransisco. Joining Douglas on stage is cyberculture pioneer, educator, artist, author, visionary, and shoe painter, Howard Rheingold.

Howard Rheingold and Douglas Rushkoff discuss the evolution of technology from a collision between military and psychedelic culture. Rheingold discusses his optimism and belief in technology to amplify possibilities. In particular, he shares his interest in Patreon to develop shared publics. Rheingold’s ethos is captured by the following quote:

The secret to happiness is having appropriate expectations.

We still have some painful contradictions that we need to work out. The question is not about how good the technology is, but how it is distributed.