Bookmarked A Week With No Tear Gas (Idle Words)

There is a more specific extradition law that set events into motion this summer. You can find a wonderful visual explanation of it here, along with some of the subsequent events that galvanized the city. And the focus of the protests has expanded over the weeks to center on the behavior of the police, including sexual violence (an enormous and heart-wrenching #metoo protest two nights ago brought out story after story from brave women). The protests are also calling out long-term inequities in a city where it is almost impossible to find housing. With the city abandoned by its government, all kinds of grievances find their voice in this popular movement, the only outlet through which Hong Kongers can now express their frustration

Maciej Cegłowski provides a lengthy first-hand account of the Hong Kong protests. This includes a discussion of the tactics and the different groups.

Zeynep Tufekci provides a thread documenting her experience of the Hong Kong Protests. Not only does she include various observations, but she also curates a number of other resources.