Bookmarked How Hillsong and other Pentecostal megachurches are redefining religion in Australia – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Pentecostal churches are growing, while other Christian denominations are declining
  • The denomination began in Los Angeles in the early 1900s before arriving in Australia
  • Modern Pentecostals in Australia often embrace ‘prosperity doctrine’
Stephen Stockwell and Ruby Jones discusses the rise of Pentecostal churches, such as Hillsong. The popularity relates to the use contemporary music, the promise of the holy spirit and the hope of prosperity. It would seem that unlike more traditional movements, Pentecostal churches continually adjust with the time, such as a tech incubator. Pentecostalism grew from small churches in Los Angeles in the early 1900s and spread to Australia in 1920s. Although the tie between politics and religion is nothing new, Scott Morrison is the first Pentecostal leader.
Bookmarked Hillsong’s tech incubator plans to give Facebook a run for its money (ABC News)

The evangelical church is not the only religious group growing its digital focus.

I remember Genevieve Bell saying every company being about data, obviously this applies to religions too? It is interesting to think about something like Hillsong from the perspective of platform capitalism. As a side note, I can’t see digital prayer requests being abused. There is a lot of good faith involved.