Liked Yearning for freedom by Steve Brophy (Hedge School)

Pausing and taking stock of the big ideas that call out to us is how we honour the poetic. Big Ideas or what Christine McDougall of Syntropic Enterprises calls Source Ideas are clues from the Universe. Reminders that we are called here to play full out. To be stewards of gifts that are ours alone to tend to but not ours to own.

Big Ideas wollup us awake. With the emotion required to get us in motion.

And if we sow the seeds of that great idea in the right ecosystem, magic happens.

Bookmarked Hedge School (

A weekly newsletter about learning to stand up in your own life through growth, meaning, purpose, and spirituality.

Steve Brophy has started a newsletter designed to help people with running their own race in life.

The Hedge School newsletter is designed to be the school on the side of the road. Ramshackle in appearance but situated in the moment. Just what you need. Perfect timing with a deep connection to place. You’ll feel us at the edge of new frontiers when you are in need of counsel, support and a place to be heard.

It contains a mixture of personal reflections and strategies that provide readers to go on their own journey.