Replied to the dark side of communities

Not all groups are for the good of society. Not all communities are there to promote democracy. We should all be aware of the dark sides of communities.

Harold, your point about negative communities. I like Ton’s point about connection to the outside air prevents the growth of negative communities. However, I wonder if connection with the outside is sometimes used to publicise and promote the negative ideas, rather than debate and discuss?
Bookmarked meetings, bloody meetings

My introduction to organizing meetings was in the military, where different types of meetings had standard structures. The Orders Format was something any officer could recite from memory. During officer training we were shown the 1976 John Cleese film, which was updated in 1993 β€” Meetings, Bloody…

Harold Jarche discusses meetings, their purpose and how they are often abused.
Bookmarked What is innovation?

In writing almost 100 posts on innovation since 2007, it’s time to put the core observations together into a cohesive narrative. Here goes.
Innovation is fifteen different things to fifteen different people.
β€œAn innovation is the implementation of a new or significantly improved product (good or…

Harold Jarche reflect on twelve years engaging with innovation. He discusses the importance of connections and working through a process. It is interesting to read this alongside Rolin Moe’s historical discussion of innovation.
Replied to no more email subscriptions (

There are several ways to subscribe to this blog and I have just removed two: Feedburner (Google), and Webfish.
This will be the last post you receive via email as I am cancelling subscriptions and deleting all subscribers in the next 24 hours.

Why am I doing this?
1. I do not agree with Google’s…

Harold, you have me thinking about my use of email. I think that I will maintain my email related to my newsletter. However, I am wondering about my blog(s).

Another option you didn’t include in following blogs via email is IFTTT.