I have listened to Take 5 podcast for a while. I was not sure what to expect from moving it to television. I was strangely surprised. There was something about spinning the records and seeing clips of the songs in question.

I must admit, I think I would enjoy a party DJed by Guy Pearce. I also liked the quote:

Singing is just crying in tune.

It seems to be something of a trend at the moment with Song Exploder also making a move to screen.

Listened Guy Pearce – The Nomad from

‘The Nomad’ was an very personal and raw experience for me. It came as a result of my marriage ending in January of 2015. After going on the road to tour ‘Broken Bones’ in February I then started work on new material. As much as it delves into the melancholy at times it does allow for that beautiful ‘silver lining’ that keeps us going in life. It was such a joy to collaborate with my old pal Joe Henry at ‘United Recording’ in LA. What an amazing and historic studio, and working with the musicians Joe invited in was a truly inspiring and uplifting process.

Each Friday I scroll through the new releases fo something to listen to. I saw The Nomad and cringed. There is something about an actor who decides to turn their hand to music – Russell Crowe! After not finding much else I came back to Guy Pearce.

I was pleasantly surprised. It is a hard album to place. With bursts of jazz then moments of Leonard Cohen reincarnate, it is intense without being dramatic. Definitely an album to sink into.