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I’m wondering about your plans for Gutenberg. Will you release something for wp beta or do you start active development after the public release of WordPress 5.0?

This is a useful thread in regards to the integration of Post Kinds with Gutenberg, the new editor for WordPress.

πŸ““ First Gutenberg Experience

I decided to finally install the Gutenberg plugin. I have read a few posts (Jeff Everhart and John Johnston) and realised that I probably should have a look.

My first impression was that it felt like the editor. I can see the appeal of blocks, it works for the new Google Sites and Weebly, but fear that it is overkill for what I do? I also noticed that Post Kinds disappeared.

Interestingly, in the screen providing a summary of all the posts, there is an option for starting a new post in the Gutenberg editor or the classic editor. Maybe this choice is an eye to the future, just wonder if there is a means of making ‘classic’ as default?

Some other reflections: