Replied to End goal for my 14 Day #IndieWeb WordPress Experiment by Greg McVerryGreg McVerry (
I am going to try and conclude the end of my fourteen WordPress experiment by forking Alan’s theme and seeing if I can correctly add microformats2 and remove any conflicting microformats classes that maybe lingering in theme, ghosts of efforts past.
I look forward to seeing how you go with adding in Microformats. I am not quite at the point, yet. I would assume that if Dimensions works, that it would then open up the possibility of Alan Levine’s other themes.
Greg McVerry asked about using with WordPress.

I would recommend using a tag as a trigger. Therefore, students add say ‘microblog’ or ‘mb’ as a tag and it would get pushed through. Then you can decide if you include a title or not to decide short or long post.

In the case of a titleless post, I have taken to using the slug to explain the post.

I am really interested in the possibilities of using with something like Edublogs.

Replied to Possible Interview Questions by Greg McVerryGreg McVerry (Quick Thoughts by jgmac1106)

Going with a semi-structured interview protocol

How long have you been an #indieweb WordPress user?

What drew you to try out #indieweb plug-ins on WordPress?

How would you rate your understandings of the technlogies that make it all work?

Do you know what plug-ins you usee?

To the best of your recollection try to recall your set up process.

What is the best part of using #indieweb WordPress plug-ins?

What do you believe we should change to make it easier for WordPress users to utilize #indieweb plug-ins?

I have really enjoyed following your recent work Greg in regards to onboarding and supporting new #IndieWeb users. One of the things that stood out from the questions on the IndieWeb site was the one about ‘Child Themes’. I think that is more complicated than:

I have never heard about it or never used
I have heard of, but never used
I can use it.
I can teach it.
I can build it.

I have followed various instructions and approaches, yet have never really been able to fully master the setup. Some themes like ZenPress are more complicated than others. There is always something that slips through. I have resorted in some cases to using a Header/Footer plugin for stuff like ‘Rel=Me’.

Replied to Viewing your life as a project (W. Ian O'Byrne)
Learning is a fundamental part of my philosophy and action. Through the acquisition of new knowledge I believe that we can understand and hopefully “change” most anything in our lives. This requires a continual examination of who you are, who you would like to be, and how you plan on getting there.
Ian, your discussion of projects has me rethinking the idea of ‘life-long learner’. I always find this a challenge in working out how to tell the story. Thinking of it as ‘life-long projects’ may offer some nuance. I can see how this sort of approach would also be helpful in regards to open badges.

In regards to your current project of engaging with the #IndieWeb, I came across this post recently from Cathie LeBlanc discussing her experiences with the IndieWeb:

I have spent the last five days working on my own web site (which I’ve owned for a long time) to IndieWebify it. Check it out at Be warned that I’m in the early stages of setting my IndieWeb site up so things will evolve. This work has inspired me and I’m sure I’ll be writing about these efforts and my thoughts about them as I move forward.

What it made me realise is that some bigger projects are ongoing. They are almost a mindset, a way of seeing, doing and thinking. There is always something else to be done. The challenge is to break it all down into its parts. I guess that is the point of calling out your goals on the #IndieWeb wiki. This might also be a part of what Greg McVerry is investigating in regards to ‘onboarding’.

I wonder if something like a ‘Now’ page might be useful for this? I like how Chris Aldrich also breaks it down. There is always something more.