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People who call Google+ a flop have no idea how much money over decades of users Google will make with Google Classroom. So much of the design and UX is the same, wonder if they shared any codebase.G+ had to influence Google Classroom development
That is a really good point Greg. I think that it is interesting that the platform is being continued within business/education. I can see G+ continuing to be developed to the point where it can become an organisation’s internal stream.

Even if it is not, Classroom offers many similar capabilities. My concern is that, like with SeeSaw, what can a user actually do with their Classroom archive once they have finished atudying.?

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For @withknown users on that want to update to latest version follow: here are directions for enabling SSH (so you can sign on through Terminal):
Although not interested at the moment in spinning up an instance, this is good to note as I am interested in revisiting Known one of these days.
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Creating a Navigable Rabbit Hole I only caught the tail end of the Common Place Book session at #IndieWeb camp online as it fell right during dinner.ย  Since I didn't get to share with everyoneย I thought I would lay out a few strategies in a quick post here and overtime"My Common Place Book" will t...
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I have a follow page. It has two sections an h-feed of following posts, and then different collectionsย which could be grouped by a tag or by channels in my reader.
I love the sound of this workflow Greg. Inspired by Chris Aldrich, I have been meaning to get back to my following page for a while now, just always find myself doing other things. Have you documented how you have set up the backend?
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Greg, do you have any recommended resources for walking through the process of setting up your own instance?