Bookmarked 4 Guidelines for making #Posters, Slides, & #Infographics (EDUWELLS)

I’ve recently trained some teachers in the rules I use for posters, infographics, and slides. Given that I produced a poster about my guidelines during the session, I thought I may as well share them here. We looked at ensuring slides etc have the most impact and the desired response. Studnets in all schools see so many slides and posters around the place that it can easily start blurring together. As the look of everything can be limited to a small number of default templates that appear first in the apps, teachers good intentions then get hampered by overlapping in the visual memory of the learners. I offered 4 decisions that keep each product more unique.

Richard Wells breaks down his workflow for creating graphics into four steps. This is a useful resource to support visualisation. It continues his efforts to show his work.