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As though the news cycle wasn’t bad enough, that brief moment when our leaders seemed to make decisions in the broad public interest is over, writes Laura Tingle.

So James Purtill, I guess the discussion of MMT and free university is now off the table.
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Ultimately, then, we’re going to need a whole new politics and social contract after the pandemic. I sincerely hope we manage to grasp the nettle and do something radically different. I’m not sure how we’ll all survive if the rich, once again, come out of all this even richer than before.

Well put Doug. Not sure what tomorrow is to bring. I liked how Seth Godin puts it too:

My generation was the dominant voice for sixty years. A voice that worried about the next 24 hours, not the next 24 years. That’s about to shift, regardless of what year you were born.

Bookmarked The Digital Dictators (Foreign Affairs)

New technologies were supposed to open societies and empower individuals. Instead, they’ve given despots the upper hand.

Andrea Kendall-Taylor and Erica Frantz unpack the use and abuse of technology by governments to manage and manipulate citizens. Some of the strategies discussed include controlling the media, the creation of social credit systems and microtargetting.
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Larding big platforms with public duties like these — the sort of thing that costs tens or hundreds of millions to accomplish — also ensures that we will never be able to cut them down to size and break up their monopolies. Once you deputize Big Tech with tasks that no small tech can perform, you also foreclose on any measure that might make Big Tech any smaller.

This has been a growing concern of mine across the board, both from a security perspective and legelative level. It is all well and good to hold the platforms to account, the problem is that all these safeguards feel like they are really only working for the platform, because they are the only ones who can meaningful compete. I guess time will tell.