Bookmarked Android: a 10-year visual history by Verge Staff (The Verge)
Ten years later, hereโ€™s a deep dive into every version of Android.
The team at Verge look back on 10 years of the Android operating system. With a focus on the stock open sourced code it is interesting to consider what has been developed outside of this. It is also interesting to compare this with Mozilla’s efforts to enter the mobile market with Firefox OS.
Liked The breach that killed Google+ wasnโ€™t a breach at all by Russell Brandom (The Verge)
The concern is less about a breach of information than a breach of trust. Something went wrong, and Google didnโ€™t tell anyone. Absent the Journal reporting, itโ€™s not clear it ever would have. Itโ€™s hard to avoid the uncomfortable, unanswerable question: what else isnโ€™t it telling us?
Liked Whatโ€™s that you say? Present with captions in Google Slides by wiobyrne (Digital Breadcrumbs)
Whatโ€™s that you say? Present with captions in Google Slides (Google) To help your audience get more out of your presentation, you can now turn on automatic captions in Google Slides. Yet another reason to use Google Slides.
Bookmarked RIP, Google+: long ailing and finished off by a security bug (Boing Boing)
By the time Google+ rolled out, there was already nascent discontent with Facebook. Google+ offered all the downsides of Facebook, but with fewer of the people you wanted to connect with.
Cory Doctorow reports on Google+’s demise, with the discovery of a bug associated with the API being its final flaw. He highlights the implementation of ‘real names’ and the push to integrate it within every product as two failures. I like how Dave Winer put it:

Products, to be any good, must be motivated, have a creative purpose.

Some would say that it was crushed from the beginning.

Last year, I spent a month wholely in Google Plus. My reflections can be found here.

Liked Google Wants to Kill the URL (WIRED)
If you're having a tough time thinking of what could possibly be used in place of URLs, you're not alone. Academics have considered options over the years, but the problem doesn't have an easy answer. Porter Felt and her colleague Justin Schuh, Chrome's principal engineer, say that even the Chrome team itself is still divided on the best solution to propose. And the group won't offer any examples at this point of the types of schemes they are considering.
Bookmarked Totally Unscripted (YouTube)
Totally Unscripted is a new Google Apps Script show organized by the community for the community. Each month members of the community will talk through some new developments in Google Apps Script as well as talking about a coding project or problem.
Totally missed this and only just came upon it via Ben Collins’ newsletter.