Replied to WPlus WordPress Theme by Tom Woodward

There once was a group who really liked Google Plus. With the demise of the service, they were unhappy. With this request, I wondered if we might just build a very similar experience in WordPress. I think I ended up getting pretty close.

Tom, this theme looks fantastic. Will need to spin up a site and have a look. What I like is possibility to embed media that may not have worked so well in Google+. I wonder if it would offer a social media platform in a similar fashion to P2.
Replied to a post by Greg McVerryGreg McVerry

People who call Google+ a flop have no idea how much money over decades of users Google will make with Google Classroom. So much of the design and UX is the same, wonder if they shared any codebase.G+ had to influence Google Classroom development

That is a really good point Greg. I think that it is interesting that the platform is being continued within business/education. I can see G+ continuing to be developed to the point where it can become an organisation’s internal stream.

Even if it is not, Classroom offers many similar capabilities. My concern is that, like with SeeSaw, what can a user actually do with their Classroom archive once they have finished atudying.?

Replied to In Defense of Google Plus by an author (Kevin’s Meandering Mind)

But I have to tell you, Plus has been quite useful for a handful of projects that I have been involved in. In particular, the Connected Learning Massive Open Online Collaboration (CLMOOC) has long used its CLMOOC Google Plus space (3,000-plus members) as a way to easily share media files, engage in quick conversations and check-ins, and organize Make Cycles.

Nice reflection Kevin.

One of the things to note is that it is not the death of Google Plus, but rather death of Google Plus for consumers. It is uncertain what this will look like. Surely they will allow users outside of the domain, but I am not sure how this will all play out.

Reading this update from a few months ago about the ability to add a Google Group to a community:

We’re adding the ability to directly add users and Google Groups as members of Google+ Communities. When a moderator adds a group, group members are automatically added to the community. Subsequent updates to the group membership are automatically reflected in the community membership.

I wonder then if the workflow will involve a process of adding people to a group and subseqeuntly to the community? If this is the case, it maybe possible to use Plus for CLMOOC (and any other project) as long as the community is housed in a particular instance of Google for Work.

Personally, I think that Plus has had its day, but if it works within the context in question then I still reckon there would be options moving forward.