Listened Robyn Breaks Down Every Song on Her New Album, Honey by an author from Pitchfork
At a turbulent global moment marked by political strife, collective trauma, and the fear of everything falling apart, Honey celebrates the human commitment to a rigorously examined emotional life.
Robyn walks through each of the tracks on her new album.
Replied to Choosing a Music Streaming Service by Chris (Betchablog)
Right now, given that Google Play Music is going away, I’m leaning towards a switch to Spotify. Although if the New YouTube Music service adds the ability to upload my own files, then I could be swayed to stay in Google land, even if they do want an extra $2 a month to remove the ads from YouTube.
I saw all the news about YouTube Music and changes to YouTube Red, however I must have missed the information about the closing of Google Play Music. I wonder what will happen on Android for playing audio? I have actually come to like Google Music, so it is kind of annoying.