Replied to Driving with Phone in Hand by an author (A Point of Contact)
In this spring of this year I decided to use parts of my lunch-hour to observe drivers in downtown Calgary to see, generally, how many drivers are using a smartphone while driving.
Glen, where do you sit voice texting etc within all of this? Does that fix the problem or move it into a different problem of distraction?
Replied to Asking for Blog Suggestions (A Point of Contact)
Can you recommend a blog that you enjoy?
I found Critchlow’s post really intriguing. I personally consider ‘big B’ associated with those who balance between the content and the technology:

When I think about blogging, there is a cross-over between technology and the way it is used. Big B bloggers are those who take each to their extremes. Content is important. But so is process and product. It is something personal, stemming from our changing circumstances and intent.

Rather than Byrnes and Kottke, my ‘Big Bs’ are Chris Aldrich and Alan Levine. Sorry Glen, probably not the suggestions you were after.

Liked Generalism in Education (A Point of Contact)
If you’re someone in education who hires others, I urge you to think about the the value of generalists. When people hire I think many tend to look for specialists, the applicant who maximizes that job description that was conveniently constructed with the help of that HR form. Think about how specialized you really need that new hire. Think about how valuable someone with more general skills, yet also capable at filling that position, will be at communicating with others and understanding the roles around them. Think about how much more nimble your team will be in the future.
Replied to Recalibrate with Old Books (A Point of Contact)
One of the better books I’ve read in the past few years is Being Digital, a 1996 book about the digital age. It was informative because of the amount of information about basic digital infrastructures is presented so clearly. It was also fascinating to read an account of the digital state of of the world in 1996.
Glen, you might be interested in Mal Lee and Roger Broadie’s reflection on Being Digital. I probably should read the book, especially based on your point of simplifying the message.