Listened Gettin’ Air with Bryan Mathers from

The release of last week’s episode of Gettin’ Air came with bonus material… A new logo! I’ve loved Bryan Mathers’ work for a long time. My laptop is covered in work he’s done with the likes of Reclaim Hosting, Audrey Watters, OpenETC … just to name a few. I wear his work on my belly of…

Enjoyed listening to this conversation between Terry Greene and Bryan Mathers. I was really interested in his point about branding and that sometimes you do not know if a coat is the right fit until you wear it a few times. However, the comment that I like the most was something Bryan said at the end about ideas and listening:

Good listening is playing back what people actually already know, but they don’t really know they know.

Terry also shared Bryan’s creation of a new logo for the podcast on his blog.

This reminded me of Growth Coaching and the ‘coaching way of being’.