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Panellists: Dr Paul Browning Margaret Barr In this ‘Curious Conversation’, Paul and Margaret will first share their background and experiences, and then disc…

I really enjoyed this conversation between Dr Paul Browning and Margaret Barr. Not only did it provide a useful provocation in regards to the question of trust, but it was also a good introduction to Browning’s book. I was also intrigued by the differences and similarities between relational and organisational trust.
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Thank you for the tip Andrea. Trust feels as important now as ever. This quote from Browning’s book really stood out to me.

With time we all become more experienced, but a critical event waits for no-one. It is sometimes best to prepare for the worst and then be pleasantly surprised by the reality. Instead of a flash of panic, you will be more controlled if you have a plan to tackle the difficulty.

Replied to GCI Coaching Accreditation Program by Adrian Camm (

Earlier this year I completed the GCI Coaching Accreditation Program. It was a culmination of a three year coaching journey, that started with the Introduction to Leadership Coaching program back in the beginning of 2015. The process of becoming a coach and developing a coaching way of being has greatly improved all aspects of my leadership.

Thank you Adrian for sharing this reflection. Having attended the introductory program, as well as the conference, it is useful to have this as a reflection of the whole process. I feel that although my work seems to have moved away from that of a coach that this course and accreditation maybe worth it in developing a coaching way of being.

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