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I’ve got this far, so I may as well continue to self-promote like crazy. You may remember Suzanne Dunaway telling me about how she started and then sold a fabulous artisan bakery in Los Angeles. Suzanne was one of the first authors to write about no-knead bread, so it was something of a pleasure to discover that she is also something of a no-gardening gardener. Her story of broad beans and radishes made me smile and sent me outside in search of neglected dill weed and sweetpeas.

Jeremy, I really enjoyed the piece on no-garden gardening:

In January, with faith in Mother Nature (and confident the earth under the hemp layer was alive with worms), I literally walked away from playing gardener. I threw away the two full packets of lettuce and radish seeds I’d intended to plant. I tossed a bit of cover dirt and replaced the mulch. After which I put the garden out of my mind.

This year I have stepped back. I bought a chilli plant in hope, as well as a zucchini, but in the end I just let it go. I have subsequently had tomatoes pop-up all through the garden, as well as various herbs, without the usual stress and rigour.

Replied to The garden in the mind – Austin Kleon (Austin Kleon)

Liberty Hyde Bailey’s thoughts on gardening and how they relate to creative work.

I love this quote Austin.

I know poets who do not write poetry, artists who do not paint, architects who do not build. I know gardeners who do not garden.

It makes me wonder about teachers who do not teach and the importance of first and foremost caring.