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Really enjoyed how you broke this down Eric. I grew up Fruity Loops and have only recently come to Garageband. I have actually been messing around with Ableton Live too lately. All has me thinking about something Clay Shirky wrote:

The thing I can least afford is to get things working so perfectly that I don’t notice what’s changing in the environment anymore.

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Eric, what is the #1564challenge?
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One afternoon a few years ago when we were bored, I showed my son Owen (now 6) how to make simple tracks on his little iPad mini, and ever since then, he’s been completely obsessed with the program. He spends, on average, at least an hour a day in Garageband. (He would spend way more if we didn’t limit his screen time, and we have to, because if we don’t he gets that weird zombie recording glaze in his eyes. [Musicians will know what I’m talking about.])