Bookmarked How Do Archaeologists Know Where to Dig? (

National Geographic magazines and Indiana Jones movies might have you picturing archaeologists excavating near Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge and Machu Picchu. And some of us do work at these famous places.

Gabriel D. Wrobel and Stacey Camp talk about how there are archeological sites everywhere, sometimes it is about learning how to see or tapping local knowledge of place, while other times it involves using technology to capture that which is hidden to the human eye.

Finding that evidence can be as simple as strolling past clearly distinguishable ruins – ah, there are some broken pots or carved stones right over there. It can be as complex as using lasers, satellite imagery and other new geophysical techniques to reveal long-lost structures. The right skills and tools are helping researchers locate traces from the past that would have been overlooked even a few decades ago.