Bookmarked COVID-19 in 2020: several scenarios (Bryan Alexander)

For nearly two months I’ve been tracking the coronavirus outbreak.  I’ve been sharing forecasts, examining analyses, and collecting forecasts here, on Twitter, on LinkedIn, and Facebook…

Bryan Alexander continues with his futures work posing three possible outcomes for the current crisis:

  1. The Hubei Model: A single, short wave
  2. Viral Waves: Long durations, uneven impacts
  3. The Long Plague

Alexander also documents a series of forecasts for the US each using a different approach

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George Siemens and I are hosting a two week futures-style Open Course starting April 15th on the SSHRC challenge “Truth under Fire in a Post-Fact World,” and the question of how education should respond. You can sign up by joining this mailing list.

I really like the sound of this Dave, however I seem to say that far too often. I guess we will see.
Bookmarked Futures Thinking: The Basics (Fast Company)

This isn’t an easy task. Futures thinking is hard work. Fortunately, you do get better at it with practice. It’s worth the effort.

Jamais Cascio breaks down the process of futures thinking:

  • Asking Questions
  • Scanning the World
  • Mapping the Possibilities
  • Asking the Next Question
  • Thinking it Through

via Dave Cormier