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The J Files brings together artists and fans to share and explore the stories behind the music you love.Subscribe to The J Files podcast on iTunes or RSS

I remember growing up with Richard Kingsmill and The J Files. It was an essential aspect to my education in music. I particularly loved hearing songs from artists that I knew, but had never had the opportunity to hear before. These days such serendipity has been countered by streaming and the ability to find things easily. I therefore have started following The J Files podcast as I really like how they compile interviews and insights about artists drawn from the extensive ABC archives.
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In the search for different suggestions in regards to music, I have started following all things NPR Music:

Although I have followed bits and pieces over the years, I have decided to actually add the feeds to my list.

I have particular been enjoying All Songs Considered’s dive into the 2010s.

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Podcast downloads for In Our Time

I remember listening to Melvyn Bragg and In Our Time when I first got into podcasts ten years ago. For some reason I stopped following. I was however reminded of the podcast recently by Bryan Alexander. There is something about Bragg’s ability to carry the conversation and question the experts.
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A podcast breaking down the music of pop hits

Switched on Pop is a music podcast featuring Nate Sloan and Charlie Harding. Like other podcasts, such as Chilly Gonzalez’ Music is Cool, Song Exploder and Holistic Songwriting, the podcast breaks down songs and looks at how they work. However, where it differs is that Sloan and Harding often provide a lot more interpretation on the interconnection between lyrics and music. Sometimes this is about word painting, but other times it is about interpreting meaning and connection with artists wider oeuvre.

via Triple J

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Music – Art – Thought – Books – Philosophy – Travel – Politics – Science – Film … sometimes in that order, sometimes not. And there’s more. This is a more complete list and no, you still won’t find ‘sport’ listed there

I already subscribe to John Philpin’s great newsletter People First, however I find that John shares even more in his ‘lifestream’. I am left wondering what is the difference between a ‘lifestream’ and a commonplace book?
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To my knowledge, I may be the first person to be displaying “following” webmentions anywhere. The nice part is that this following webmention functionality is built into the Post Kinds plugin by default, so that if people begin creating follow posts on a more regular basis, then several hundred WordPress sites that have Post Kinds will automatically be able to display them.

Replied to Reply to Dries Buytaert on follow and subscriptions to blogs by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (BoffoSocko)

I suspect you’ve been following Kristof De Jaeger’s work with the Drupal IndieWeb module which is now a release candidate. It will allow you to send and receive Webmentions (a W3C recommendation) which are simple notifications much the way they work on Twitter, Facebook, etc. I’ve written a bit about how they could be leveraged to accomplish several things in Webmentions: Enabling Better Communication on the Internet.

Not mentioned in that article for brevity is the ability to send notifications via Webmention when one makes follow or subscription posts.

This is a reminder that I really need to get onto my ‘Following Page’.
Replied to Some thoughts on following #IndieWeb by Greg McVerryGreg McVerry (Quick Thoughts)

I have a follow page. It has two sections an h-feed of following posts, and then different collections which could be grouped by a tag or by channels in my reader.

I love the sound of this workflow Greg. Inspired by Chris Aldrich, I have been meaning to get back to my following page for a while now, just always find myself doing other things. Have you documented how you have set up the backend?
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Hi. I’m Dan Meyer. I taught high school math to students who didn’t like high school math. I have advocated for better math instruction here and on CNN, Good Morning America, Everyday With Rachel Ray, and I earned my doctorate from Stanford University in math education and I’m currently the Chief Academic Officer at Desmos where I explore the future of math, technology, and learning. I have worked with teachers internationally and in all fifty United States. I was named one of Tech & Learning’s 30 Leaders of the Future. I live in Oakland, CA.

I remember being introduced to Meyer’s work a few years ago. He takes problem based learning in Mathematics to a new level.
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Mostly, similar to what coldbrain has said, I find blogs when they are casually mentioned on a blog or comment somewhere. Stuff like blogrolls and directories and such just don’t seem to exist.

I have always found the traditional ‘list’ blogroll as limited and cumbersome. That is why I developed my own template. When I find a new author I add it to my spreadsheet.

I like this in part, but also find the workflow a little annoying. I wish it were more integrated with my site. That is what interests me about Chris Aldrich’s work.

Replied to Reply to Brad Enslen about Blogrolls in WordPress by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (BoffoSocko)

I’ve written up a bunch of details on how and what I did (as well as why), so hopefully it’ll give you a solid start including some custom code snippets and reasonably explicit directions to make some small improvements for those that may be a bit code-averse. Hint: I changed it from being a sidebar widget to making it a full page. Let us know if you need help making some of the small code related changes to get yourself sorted.

I have been wondering about your following page / blogroll lately. I looked into Colin Walker’s plugin, but really did not want to rewrite all my links.

I have also been looking into archive page templates and assume that just as an archive can be incorporated into a widget or within a template, you have done the same thing with your ‘blogroll’, therefore when you add somebody new (seemingly weekly, if not daily) then your page automatically updates?