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Martin Hawksey used my remix of Tom Woodward’s post on API’s at OER18.

Hawksey has also shared this before at MozFest:

Replied to Using Flickr to embed images (Meredith Fierro)
I stumbled across this solution when I was quickly reaching my storage quota for my website during ds106. I needed a way to upload all the images I created and didn’t have enough room on my website. So I thought I would show you all how simple it is to embed the images in posts and pages.
I have used Flickr for embedding images for a while. One challenge I have had is with featured images. I used to use a plugin that made the first embedded image the feature, but it stopped working, so now I manually upload. Not sure if you any thoughts for that?

My other concern is what might happen if Flickr were to flop or be sold off? What would happen in that situation?