Liked You Raised Me On A Steady Diet Of Fear Of Everything Russian, And Now You Expect Me To Think They Are Good? (

For me, as an adult, I live on a new diet. I donโ€™t fear the world around me. I know that most people are good, and work to expose those who wish to hurt us. I see the Russian propaganda machine for what it is. I see the web as a tool born of military origins, and being used to deliver misinformation. I question every fearful tale that Iโ€™m told, then venture out into the world to gather facts, learn from opposing perspectives, and push myself to learn each day. I wont stay isolated again, allowing my reality to be crafted by the fearful people around me. Iโ€™m in charge of crafting my own reality, and encouraging our children to do the same. Iโ€™m not letting their reality be dictated by people they grew up withโ€“including me. Everyone should venture out into the world, and craft their own reality. One rooted in reality, and not just fear.