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It’s worth noting to myself that being settled in my home life allows me to do unsettling things at work. This is a note to future Doug that when I’m unsettled with things outside of work, it’s time to do more ‘settled’ things in work.

I like your point Doug about balancing settling and unsettling aspects of life. This is what I tried to capture in my post, ‘It Takes a Family‘:

Browning talks about what leaders are able to manage. Similarly, Philip Riley highlights the stresses that principals are put under. What seems overlooked in both accounts are the structures often in place that allow leaders to prosper and the sacrifices made by those within the support networks involved, such as family and friends.

When my mother died, a colleague told me it can take years to come to grips with it. A part of me understood, but was also perplexed with why. As our daughters grow older, they have me reflecting on my own childhood, about what I did and how I acted at the time. Maybe it is one of those mysteries of time and memory that cannot be known, but I still find myself wanting to ask my mother questions. It has taught me that there are just some spaces in life that cannot be filled, merely acknowledged.
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Some friends of ours are about to have their second kid, and I was thinking about what a leap it is between 1 and 2, how many parents say “it’s exponential,” but how I never really understood why until I drew the diagram above and was able to really see all those relationships mapped out.

Austin Kleon on the complexities of families
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DAVIS. _ Helen Barbara. Mum, wish you were still here, but am at peace that you are no longer suffering. Forever together at heart _ Aaron and Jess. P.S. Maybe Karaoke some other time? Nanny Helen, thank you for always playing with me. I loved our time at the park. You are with the twinkle stars now watching over me always. Love forever _ Gracie. xx

My mother’s death notice publish in the Herald-Sun and affiliated papers.