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Unless you possess multiple Ph.D.โ€™s โ€“ in virology, economics and the intricacies of immigration policy โ€“ often the wisest thing to do when landing on an unfamiliar site is to ignore it.

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So if we didnโ€™t know Vox already, what would we do? Iโ€™m going to show you a move called โ€œJust add Wikipediaโ€.

So we come up here and we hover, and we see the Vox link and follow it to the site. But rather than read the site we immediately do this โ€” we go up to the search bar and strip off everything after the domain and type space plus wikipedia and hit return.

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In 2002, Chico State University did a little rearranging and got the letters into the CRAAP acronym. Others organized the questions into RADCAB.

And we taught this and its variations for almost twenty years even though it did not work, and most librarians Iโ€™ve talked to realized it didnโ€™t work many years back but didnโ€™t know what else to do.