Bookmarked How to choose good online content | eSafety Commissioner (eSafety Commissioner)

The concept of windows, mirrors and magnifying glasses has been used by early childhood development specialists including Chip Donohue, Kate Highfield and Warren Buckleitner. We have extended these ideas to how parents and carers can choose good online content for their children.

eSafety site talks about the use of windows, mirrors and magnifying as ways of considering the content which we engage with. This is another resource to support the discussion of screen time.
Bookmarked Are your words doing damage: how to talk to your teen and help stop cyber bullying (Parent Hub – Dolly's Dream)

The Dolly’s Dream video made by 15-year-old Charlotte McLaverty has taken our understanding of the impact of cyber bullying out of our heads.

Another great piece from Dan Donahoo on cybersafety and the importance of environment.