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A little while back I attended a great day of professional learning which was facilitated by the DLTV titled “Tell your own adventure: Literacy and DigiTech through interactive fiction”. What caught my eye with this event was that I love my technology and the ways in which, when used effectively, can support student learning outcomes. Additionally to that, my school has had a large push on building the capacity of our students to shift from ‘being good at writing to being great writers’. Based on that I felt this PL opportunity would encourage that.

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Many programs have BOTH and Android version and a Chrome Web App version. For example, you can use the Android mobile version of Google Classroom, or you can use the Chrome Web App version which takes you to the Google Classroom website instead.

Although the versions will be similar, there are often differences between the Android version of a program and then web version of that same program. For example, the Android version of Google Classroom allows the user to take pictures and videos with the device camera, whereas the web version of Classroom does not.

I recently purchased an ACER R11. I was intrigued by the ability to use the device as both a laptop and a touchscreen tablet. I was also interested in investigating Android Apps as they were unavailable on my other device. I have been pleasantly surprised.

I like the ability to download videos for offline use, as well as listen to articles using the Pocket app. I am still working out the various affordances and have found that not every app is useful. For example, although the Inoreader app makes it easy to flick through posts, it is much easier to open articles up in the browser.