Replied to Dear IndieWeb, it may be time to start considering the user, not just the technical spec by Eli Mellen (Oatmeal)

SO, whereas β€œ[e]ach generation is expected to lower barriers for adoption successively for the next generation” I wonder if it is maybe time to update some of the tooling from generation 1 and 2 to be more compatible with generations 3 and 4?

Eli, I imagine that it is more complicated than just turning attention to the user. I am not a programmer. I have not done any technical training. All my knowledge is self-taught. I may not know what all the errors mean, but I can at least debug to a degree. My actually occupation is the delivery of a sector-wide LMS. I am a teacher whose job it is to make connections between the technical and the pedagogical. My experience is that this comes down to storytelling.

I feel that what is needed are more people in-between the divide of Gen 1 & 2 vs. 3 & 4. People who are living it, asking questions and identifying the various points of confusion. I think this is what will take the #IndieWeb from a hipster-web to a “demonstratably better web