Replied to After the hype, our economy’s grim reality setting in

The future may turn out to be golden but, even if it does, the econocrats have no way of knowing that in advance – they’re just guessing – and the road between now and then looks pretty rocky.

Way too many black swans to be making such concrete predictions.
Listened Disrupting the Disruptors from Radio National

Has our contemporary embrace of disruption become a problem rather than a solution?

Antony Funnell speaks with a number of guests, including Mark Pesce – Honorary Associate, Ian Verrender and Professor Gregory Whitwell, about the idea of disruption today. However, the most interesting conversation is with Professor Andrew King. He has done considerable work testing Clayton Christensen’s theory and highlights some of the limitations to it. This includes Christensen’s approach to ongoing research and modelling, where he collects data, theorises and then tests with new data, adjusting his initial theory. You can read more on King’s work here.