Bookmarked Electric Bike, Stupid Love of My Life by Craig Mod (

Reflections on eighteen months of electric bike ownership

Craig Mod shares his passion for electric bikes. He talks about not wanting rides to finish and how he will often go out at odd times to just enjoy the experience.

Allow me to share a dirty secret: More often than not, at midnight I can’t repress the impulse β€” I have to take a bike out. Out the bike comes and together we head into the empty streets of my town and hum our way all over, visiting temples in total silence. There are no cars. Often no people. It feels illicit β€” this slipping around town, this sliding into temple parking lots in the shroud of the night, looking at their old beams, feeling ten years old and grateful for both the ability and awareness to be doing just this very thing at this very moment.

This is certainly a contrast to Ian Bogust’s uncanny eBike:

The e-bike rolls into an uncanny valley, the chasm between a bicycle under my human power and a motorbike piloted directly by a throttle.

It will be interesting to look back and see where we get to with electric bikes.