Listened Episode 194: Dua Lipa, from Song Exploder

Dua co-wrote the song β€œLevitating” with some of her closest collaborators, including producer Stephen Kozmeniuk, AKA Koz. In this episode, Dua and Koz break down β€œLevitating” and how Dua’s childhood memories shaped its sound.

What I found interesting about this episode of Song Exploder unpacking Dua Lipa’s Levitating was the way in which different people brought their own piece to the puzzle. Listening to the track, I wondered about Stuart Price’s contribution. In this case, it was the finishing touch. The bass, the strings. This reminds me of the way in which Lorde’s track Sober started with Jack Antonoff and then took some inspiration from Malay.
Listened Stuck At Home? Dua Lipa Will Bring The Dance Club To Your Living Room. from Stereogum

Future Nostalgia is basically the platonic ideal of a big-budget pop album: catchy songs, powerhouse vocals, sparkling production, no barrier to entry. Someday, when people are getting together to dance again, these songs will destroy. Until then, they can give you some semblance of that feeling at home. Press play, get off your couch, and sweat out your worries and cares. Indulge in a different kind of future nostalgia than Lipa probably intended, imagining a distant someday when the good old days are back again.

I was intrigued to hear this album after after listening to Switched on Pop podcast breakdown of Don’t Start Now.

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