Replied to #tdc2690 #ds106 More Than Just Books (The Daily Create)

Books are wonderful, but in the digital age, the best libraries are reinventing themselves to extend beyond the book. What are some other services that could be offered or items that could be lent to ensure the vibrancy of the institution of the library?

Libraries of the future? Always open, learning organisations, with a focus on space, people and community, supporting curation and engagement through skills and games.
Replied to Picking a Noticing Pattern: I’ve Logged 469 Photos of 106’s (CogDogBlog)

So it’s been 7 and a half years since that first 106 photo and I find, when I’m out, my secondary senses are usually noticing signs and addresses and license plates, as my brain seems tuned into looking for that pattern.

I will never forget walking the streets with you Alan when you were in Melbourne. All the sudden it occurred to me that you were counting. It wasn’t that you were on the hunt, but rather you seemed opened to the opportunity:

“A House of DS106” by cogdogblog is licensed under CC0

What it made me realise was how much I take for granted. I really like your idea of picking something to notice.

I had a similar experience with Amy Burvall, who stopped mid-conversation to capture a unicorn caught in the concrete.