Replied to Interviewing My Domain by Tom Woodward (

Getting started is pretty easy. It’s like joining a gym. Easy to start, easy to go a time or two. It’s the long run that interests me. I think that’s driven by the desire to do something more than you can in other places. I’d spend some time thinking about what it is you want. Do you care about owning your data in a particular way? Do you want more than a paid account can offer?

You might start in those more restrictive environments (assuming you can migrate out with safety and ease) and then move up when you feel the box is too cramped. Making your moves after hitting the limits makes sense to me. If you’re very happy with a particular box then taking on the extra work, however minimal, when you don’t want the reward doesn’t make sense. Maybe that’s the deal. Take advantage of your freedom. Try many things. Make and destroy. Make again. Have fun with your freedom.

Tom, I really like your point about file structures and content. I am not sure I really thought about that side of things and only do so now that it is a problem. A part of me thinks that it would have been nice to know more, but then again, how could I. I only know what I (think I) know because of the mistakes I made.

My current mistake is having two sites, but wanting to share content across both (they are on the same server.) This was definitely not something that I would have considered when I created my first site on Blogger.