Listened DJ Shadow – Our Pathetic Age from Double J

DJ Shadow’s latest is part-electro exploration, part star-studded hip hop mixtape

This album has a bit of everything. Although it touches on the familiar, it also broadens out into some darker soundscapes. I think Dan Condon captures this, when he states:

None of these experiments in sound and groove are bad by any means. But they may be a little too experimental for some, and as a collection it all comes across a little disjointed.

I felt that in part the disjointed nature of the album was something of a statement of our pathetic age?

Listened DJ Shadow Talks with Clams Casino for the Talkhouse Music Podcast from Talkhouse

Representing two generations of game-changing hip hop production technique, DJ Shadow and Clams Casino recently caught up in New York City to tape an episode of the Talkhouse Music Podcast. They discussed their new records, Shadow’s Endtroducing….. remake, the ways that recording and sampling have changed over the years, and how it’s sometimes worth giving a great MC (like A$AP Rocky) a beat you were saving for your own record.

This conversation between DJ Shadow and Clams Casino provides an insight into the creation of electronic music. Both artists discuss hearing new possibilities in samples that then seed new tracks, as well as the evolution of technology used to produce and perform. One thing that really stood out was that being a ‘DJ’ is so much more than spinning discs, especially in an era when clearance is needed for each and every sample. I remember spending hours pressing the hold button on my Roland GR-700 and manipulating the sound on the Roland PG-200. Sadly, my tape recordings have log bitten the dust or else I could cut them up as Clams Casino discusses. I was also reminded of DJ Shadow’s analysis of Mutual Slump on the Song Exploder Podcast and the way the track was built around Bjork’s Possibly Maybe.