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I know that the first place to start is with myself. Itโ€™s not good enough to blame the media, itโ€™s important to recognize how Iโ€™m triggered by listening to polar opposite views, and for me to hear other perspectives without getting too hung up on how those perspectives differ from mine. I need to look for nuance, and recognize that there can be middle ground that becomes the starting point for good discussion and discourse.

David, I highly recommend C. Thi Nguyen’s discussion of the way in which Twitter eliminates difference and nuance by design.
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Every element is a conversation. Itโ€™s not fair to compare Discourse to a garden variety BBS or discussion board. Yes, in structure maybe โ€“ every item/post is a โ€œtopicโ€ and a response a reply, and topics are organized in categories and also via tags. But what I saw for a conference venue is that every presentation, event, announcement was open to being as well a conversation.