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To me, the crux of the Lenna story is how little power we have over our data and how it is used and abused. This threat seems disproportionately higher for women who are often overrepresented in internet content, but underrepresented in internet company leadership and decision making. Given this reality, engineering and product decisions will continue to consciously (and unconsciously) exclude our needs and concerns.

Bookmarked Don’t ‘just Google it’: 3 ways students can get the most from searching online (The Conversation)

Most students think they know how to use the internet to search for information, and teachers agree. But this isn’t always the case.

Renee Morrison reflects on six years of research into the way students use search engines. She shares three things young people should keep in mind to get the full benefits of searching online: search for more than isolated facts, slow down when looking things up online, and take control of the process rather than relying on Google. Along with Dan Russell’s better web search techniques and Ryan Holiday’s advice for research, Morrison’s suggestions provide a useful point of reflection.
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The Four Moves blog is maintained by Mike Caulfield, who has been helping teachers integrate digital citizenship skills into the classroom for over 10 years. It is based on research conducted by Sam Wineburg and Sarah McGrew, which found that students lack knowledge of basic web techniques for verification and source assessment, which puts them at the mercy of misinformation.