Replied to Abstaining From Social Media Doesn’t Improve Well-Being, Experimental Study Finds (Research Digest)

The research does suggest that panics linking social media use to poor mental health are overblown. Of course, there may be plenty of other reasons to go cold turkey on social media — but for now, it’s not clear that our psychological well-being is one of them.

For me, this is no surprise. Expecting a digital detox to solve any issues associated with social media is like pulling out the willows that line many of the irrigation canals in country Victoria while expecting that the walls will not be compromised. Technology is a system, simply deactivating an account does not answer what it may have been satisfying. For example, over the last year or so I have moved away from spaces like Twitter and Voxer to focusing on RSS and blogs. This ‘detox’ had the consequence of loosing contact with some bloggers who had moved to spaces like Twitter and Instagram using mediums like threads. What I learnt is that such platforms are ingrained to the connections made. Although I have managed to use things like Granary to follow on my own terms, I am still not completely sold on a pure break.
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With all of these options, the key is to carve out time in your summer to get to know your child, and let them explore their interests. You may choose to share your interests and let them get to know you. This might also be a great time to push pause on your own work and reflect on the experiences your child is having.

I really liked how you reframed the discussion away from pulling the plug, but instead using the holiday season to possibly pause and reflect the place of technology within our lives.
Liked Classroom Management: Simon Sinek, ClassDojo, and the Nostalgia Industry – Los Angeles Review of Books (Los Angeles Review of Books)

Sinek fails to understand that social media is work and that, without certain communications technologies, the corporate sector he represents would tank. Because work, education, politics, religion, and social life rely on social media and digital devices, the wistful, nostalgic fantasy of digital detox becomes exactly that. And as long as Sinek — abetted by education apps like ClassDojo — train young people for the corporate game, the nostalgia industry will continue to commodify and sell the fantasy of a life lived without digital technologies.