Replied to This Deepfake of Mark Zuckerberg Tests Facebook’s Fake Video Policies (Vice)

A fake video of Mark Zuckerberg giving a sinister speech about the power of Facebook has been posted to Instagram. The company previously said it would not remove this type of video.

It is interesting that Canny AI did not quite capture the voice. I guess this is where the technology is at? What ever happened to Adobe VoCo? It would seem that from discussion on an Adobe Forum that it was only a thought experiment:

VoCo was presented in an ideas forum – nothing there was guaranteed to be developed or released, neither were any timescales given if they were to be. All sorts of things could get in the way of any of them, and clearly a few have in this case. You may be disappointed, but you’re going to have to get over it, I’m afraid.

And if you’re doing anything commercially viable, then yes, you budget for voices. If you took somebody else’s voice and ‘repurposed’ it for your own ends, you’ve effectively stolen from them, haven’t you? Simply by depriving them of work they might have otherwise got. I think that the other thing that’s possibly happened over VoCo is that somebody has realised this, and is somewhat concerned about the possible backlash – and I don’t blame them.(SteveG)

It would seem that others will come though, such as LyreBird.

Jason Kottke provides a further discussion which was also interesting.

Read Write Respond Custom Stamp
Bryan Mathers has been diving into the code once again, this time making tool to create a custom stamp:

A mash up of Mathers' stamp and image he created a while back
CC-BY-SA Remixable Thinkery by @visualthinkery is licenced under CC-BY-SA.

This is the second such project, with the first being the option to create your own element